December 23, 2011

Endorphin - Plato Factory Android App

Endorphin by Plato Factory

Endorphin Android app is here featuring a demo clip of Plato Factory's new song, Endorphin.  Download it now!  Hit Muisc button to play the song and the cassette will animate.  Click on Music button again to pause it.  Endorphin track is an upbeat popish alternative rock song.  Stay tuned and meanwhile have a dose of Endorphin!

Read me:

Endorphin music and Android app are composed and developed by Plato Factory.

March 8, 2012    Updated contents.

Dec 28, 2011      Added images gallery.  Updated the navigation.  Fixed the overflow. 
Dec 25, 2011      Updated the launcher icon.


App screenshot 

Sound Check

  • Who Gives A DamnWho Gives A Damn

    The catchy hook in this upbeat pop song will make you sing along.

  • Drama QueenDrama Queen

    Classic rock ballad. Start off with soft pickings of acoustic guitar and end with passionate electric guitar solo.

  • Les MiserablesLes Miserables

    A blend of rock, techno and poetry. Song inspired by Victor Hugo.